2 New products now offered by Challenging Designs Inc. First is a brand new interactive floor plan. The agent can sketch and fax the floor plan to us, or we can measure and draw the floor plan, which includes links to photographs of the rooms and a link to the virtual tour. One of the great things about this product is the buyer can move and size furniture to see how their furniture will fit in the home! GREAT BENEFIT to your sellers! Be one of the first.

The 2nd product is called CDIbuzz - Text Connect Lead Generator. Realtors and business owners can attach a "TXT" address with information, office data and photographs. Realtors, wouldn't you like to have a 5 digit txt address on your signs and information sheets and prospective buyers can txt from their cell phones and automatically receive pre-recorded information. If they have smart phones they can continue and request photographs. All from the comfort of their seat. You will then get this information txt to you, so you can call them back and ask if you can assist them any further. Almost instant gratification of information. Business owners can have their hours of business, website and telephone numbers txt back to consumers 24-hours a day, even when you're gone. Wouldn't you like to not miss a customer, ever again.

Call Challenging Designs Inc at 501.781.5431, or email Designs@Challenging.Us for a price list.

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